Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Support

What does Postpartum Doula support look like? Here are some examples of how we support our clients & their family:
-Emotional & physical recovery from birth
-Baby’s adjustment to their new world
-Encouragement, guidance & companionship
-Experienced in all modalities of infant feeding, soothing, etc.
-Assists in initiating a schedule & implementing systems
-Promotes healthy sleep habits in the newborn & facilitates healthy sleep shaping when the baby is older
-Familiar in recognizing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and when to refer to medical professionals
-Assures that the postpartum person is well-nourished and hydrated
-Daytime support & overnight support available
-So much more!

” Heather was absolutely amazing to work with during pregnancy and postpartum. Heather’s compassion for others and nonjudgmental presence combined with her professionalism and expertise are a few of the reasons why we loved having her support. We originally decided to hire Heather as a postpartum doula, however after meeting her in person, we knew she would be a great source of support throughout the labor and birthing process. And oh my, we were so right and extremely thankful to have Heather with us during labor and birth! Heather continued to help us once our daughter arrived and her help was invaluable. As first-time parents we were unsure of so many things (even though we took baby basics courses, etc.) and having Heather there to support us was phenomenal. She taught us tricks and tips for bathing, sleeping, feeding, and even organizing baby clothes, which is not easy to do! Heather helped us get through sleepless nights (which were not sleepless when she was there!) and taught us different hunger, sleepy, and even gassy cues/signs our baby was making. In addition to all of this, Heather always checked in to see how I was doing postpartum and really helped me through my physical recovery postpartum and as I experienced hormonal changes. I had difficulty with breastfeeding initially, and she was a huge source of positive support. She made sure I was also caring for myself in addition to the baby and even helped me prepare easy snacks and meals that I could eat. I would highly recommend Heather for birth and postpartum support. Whether you are a first-time parent, experienced parent, expecting one baby or more, Heather would be an invaluable source of support. We hope to have more children one day and we are certain that Heather will be a part of our birth and postpartum care! ” -Sally, Brecksville