Birth Doula Support

We give you and your partner the knowledge, support, and encouragement you need to go into your birth feeling completely confident and prepared for your journey into parenthood.

    • Prenatal planning session
    • 24/7 on-call support
    • Building of your birth preference chart
    • Face-to-face continuous labor support
    • Emotional, physical and educational support for you and your partner
    • Hands-on comfort measures & positioning in labor
    • Immediate postpartum & initial breast/bottle feeding support
  • Postpartum visit and more!

“Heather was one of the smartest decisions we made in our birth plan process. from the very beginning she was kind, warm, informative and extremely helpful. We had such peace of mind as we approached our due date with Heather supporting our birth plan and continually sending us helpful information and encouragement along the way. The most invaluable part of Heather’s services was of course during the labor and delivery portion of our journey. She kept my husband and I calm, collected and educated while we worked together as a team through each contraction. She was a calming voice and soothing hand in such an arduous painful process. We honestly don’t know how we could have gotten through the birth of our first child without her support. Every step of the way she was there to help in any capacity necessary, large or small. Having Heather there to guide us as we learned how to navigate the new world of parenthood was an invaluable investment and one we would recommend a thousand times over to anyone seeking the same. We are grateful to have met her and hope to work with her again with our future children.” -Valerie 

Postpartum Doula Support

Our main priorities as your postpartum doula are for you to feel nourished, rested, and confident in taking care of your new baby.  We are there for you, your partner, grandparents and any other family members with guidance for you as you enter this exciting new season of life!

  • Daytime support or overnight support
  • Breastfeeding & bottle feeding support
  • Precise handling of formula and breastmilk including storage of any fresh and frozen expressed breastmilk
  • Newborn care – assistance and education
  • Soothing techniques, swaddling, baby massage, tips, and tricks
  • Encouraging you and your partner to take time for self-care, including naps; showers; coffee runs and dates
  • We help you navigate all the avenues of parenting your newborn, so you can find what works for YOUR family
  • Nursery organization
  • Light housework such as dishes, laundry, and meal prep

*Initial contracts of 100 hours, 250 hours and 500 hours or more will receive substantial savings.

“Heather has been a godsend since bringing my baby home. She checked in with me during my pregnancy to see how I was doing. Once we began working together, Heather made me feel comfortable in embarking on this new journey into motherhood. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer support and advice where she can. Even though I have a supportive family, I truly believe I would not have adjusted to being a new mom as well as I have without her support. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a doula or postpartum doula.”  -Rachael 

Newborn Care 

The first weeks back to work with your newborn can look different for each family. Flora & Finn Birth Services aims to bridge that gap from the end of maternity/paternity leave and the first weeks back to work. Our specially trained, experienced and certified Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists will lovingly care for your new baby just as you would and give you peace of mind that while you are away, your baby is in the hands of a professional. Our experience and extensive training in caring for parents and newborns shines through as we support you in this huge transition.

  • Newborn care
  • Keeping your schedule for your baby or helping you to form a schedule for your baby
  • Precise handling of formula and breastmilk, including storage of any fresh and frozen expressed breastmilk
  • Baby laundry, wash bottles, general organizing and restocking of nursery and diaper changing areas
  • Assist in hiring and training of chosen long-term care provider
  • Help new care provider get to know your baby, learn your routines and preferences in how you care for your child

*Initial contracts over 250 and 300 hours or more will receive substantial savings.

Meal Services

Busy families and new parents find my in-home meal preparation service extremely valuable. It’s fantastic to sit down to a homemade, delicious meal waiting for you while spending time with family or taking care of your baby. I’m here to make your life easier. From planning which meals, sides and desserts you’d like, to preparing your ingredient list, shopping for ingredients, preparing the meal and cleaning up. Whether you are newly postpartum, or just needing one thing taken off of your plate, I come to the rescue!

  • Tier 1 – One main entree, one side, dessert – $60
  • Tier 2 – Two entrees, two sides, dessert – $85
  • Grocery shopping and errand running – $25/hr

“Heather really helped me – and my family – enjoy my maternity leave. She prepared delicious, healthy and nourishing food for us (based on our specific preferences), so I could focus on bonding with my baby girl – and heal physically. Some of my family’s favorites are her yummy (and beautiful) salads, best chicken soup, killer mac and cheese, famous famous apple pie, dessert bananas on a skillet – and to this day I still make her healthy breakfast cookies (which are gone very fast). Everything that Heather makes is with lots and lots of love.” -Esther F.

Kind words from current and past clients

“…Heather truly has a passion for what she does – her knowledge and personality make her fit in well with all types of people. She empowered my husband to be the best he could be during what is usually a very scary time for a new dad. Our veteran L&D nurse said that Heather was the best doula she had seen in action…” -Clare

“…Heather is prompt, thoughtful, skilled, helpful, and a real gem of a person with a beautiful heart- we recommend her highly!  We will miss her!!…” -Jessica

“…She exudes patience, compassion, and a deep knowledge of the birthing process and the options a laboring mother has…” -Beth

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