Stop The Comparisons and Be The Best You Can Be

“Don’t judge your insides against other people’s outsides.” We all do it from time to time, subconsciously. Whether looking at other people’s seemingly blissful life, romantic adventures with their significant other, the perfect kids in the best clothes in their immaculate backyard…..the list goes on and on. Why do THEY have it so good? IT NEEDS TO STOP! Take a step back, appreciate what you have in your life, and make the most of this very moment.

Just know that the people who you sometimes compare yourself to have struggles and issues of their own in their lives that may not show up on the outside. We see this all the time on social media. Follow someone on Instagram and you are bound to see all the most wonderful, fun, awesome times in their life. Who’s going to post on Instagram about how their wife or boyfriend cheated on them or a picture of their overdrawn bank statement? No, they are going to make it seem as though everything is peach pie and ice cream.

Take a moment to look at yourself and your life. You are wonderful! You have a great sense of humor & style, you are loyal and responsible. Friends know they can count on you being a safe place to fall. Your generosity and kind spirit have made its way into your children, who are always the ones to include others in their play or befriending someone who seems lonely. Sometimes you may look at someone and how they raise their kids and pings of guilt will come to you because you don’t do things their way, or you don’t have time to be the room mom each week because of work. It’s OK! You are being the best you can be.

Maybe your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t perfect. Who is? Maybe you argue a bit more than you would like to, maybe you feel unappreciated with all that you do around the house and with the kids. Relationships are a lot of work. It’s not always lollipops and sunbeams. Just like the couple in the picture above, looks like they are so happy and in love, right? Who knows, maybe she is planning on leaving him over the weekend, or he slept with her boss the night before, or they fight like cats and dogs every day. You just never know other people’s troubles. If your relationship is important to you and worth working on and there’s love there – f#@king fix it. Smile at them, accept them for who they are and where they are in life. Acknowledge them and their accomplishments and they will do the same for you. Build each other up! Have each other’s backs. Life is too short to stay unhappy, that’s not good for anyone involved.

Be the best YOU can be. You are awesome! This is your story that is unfolding in front of you. Enjoy it!


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